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What is our plan for abolishing human abortion?

Here are what we foresee to be theseven stages of abortion abolition:

7 Stages of Abortion Abolition

Great evils have been abolished in cultures in the past. For example, without a bloody civil war, Great Britain first abolished the chattel slave trade and then slavery altogether within their realm. Men like William Wilberforce used their Christian faith to apply the commandments of Jesus Christ to their culture and successfully transformed their culture in regards to a great evil.

By examining their success, we have derived this seven stage strategy. Human abortion abolitionists at their core share two points in common - 1) they are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and 2) as such, they subscribe to five basic principles, which we call tenets. You can read about them in detail here, but in essence, you have to be a born again Christian to subscribe to them because abolitionists will rely on the gospel and on Providence to abolish the evil that is abortion from the culture.

One of the tenets is that the work of abolition is Body Driven. By that, we mean it is a work of the universal Church, which incorporates all born again believers in Jesus Christ. Abolition necessarily needs these people because abortion is a great spiritual battle of child sacrifice authored by sin and Satan himself, who since Genesis chapter 3 has gone after the seed of the woman. The remedy to spiritual evil is the gospel, and the offensive weapon in spiritual warfare is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Only born again Christians can effectively wield this sword by faith and thus appropriate the authority that has been manifest through them by the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may think that the work of abortion abolition is a special calling for only a few unique Christians. If you read your bible and do a concordance search on the words call, called, calling, calleth, etc..., you will find there are only two uses of said words as relates to all Christians. First, the apostle Paul was called to be an apostle by Jesus Christ Himself. Second, all born again believers were called to salvation by God Himself. So, abortion abolition is not a special calling, RATHER it is a living out of Jesus' own commandments. In John 14:15, He said that if you love Him, you will obey His commandments. As well, the great commission of Matthew 28 says that as we go to all nations and baptize believers in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that we should then teach them to observe whatsoever Jesus commanded. We know that at the core Jesus summarized His commandments as loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Should you then be involved in human abortion abolition? Well, would you want to be dismembered against your will by a stronger person? Would you want your arms and legs torn from your body? If not, then you should consider your preborn neighbor, who, at the rate of 23,000 per week are being dismembered or chemically burned. Now, if you are not convinced they are your neighbor, consider that you are asking the same question asked to Jesus when He then told the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke chapter 10. Please read our article about the full humanity of your preborn neighbor. So, now that you are convinced these are your neighbors, what does love look like? Of course, you know love is action and not just feelings. If I said I loved you, but then I stabbed you in the back, you would not be very convinced of my love. Nor would God.

We are Commanded to be Salt and Light

Jesus said the Church would be salt and light in the world. In relation to child sacrifice, AKA human abortion, what are we then suggesting you do? First, we are not necessarily suggesting you do like some of us do and stand on the street corner holding signs, though you may want to do that. We rather ask, what should you do when you consider that 23,000 of your neighbors will be murdered this week? They will even be murdered in small towns at the corner drugstore or the Wal Mart through the use of Plan B and RU486.

Going back to those seven stages of abolition, we are presently in the first three stages, all simultaneously - Seeding, Flowering and Weeding. Right now, according to Gallup polls, 80% of Americans think that abortion ought to be legal in the cases of rape, incest and for the life and health of the mother, while 66% of Americans think it ought to be legal to dismember your baby in the first trimester for any reason. Look at the poll for yourself and consider that since 1975, only about 20% of Americans have ever thought abortion should always be illegal.

Stage 1 - Seeding

That means of 320 million Americans, 256 million think abortion ought to be legal. That is a lot of people.

The stage of seeding is intended to reach that population with the moral proposition that abortion is the sin of child sacrifice and that it ought to be treated like any other murder. Our goal is to persuade the culture that preborn human beings have value, not because they feel pain or have a heartbeat, BUT because they are, like us, made in the image of God. Their dwelling, the womb, is the very place of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and when we allow abortion, we are allowing the destruction of God's image bearers in the very place where Christ entered the world, through the womb of a woman.

The stage includes moral suasion through the truths of the Word of God, and to reach 256 million Americans is no small task and requires the engagement of every Christian. You may at this point suggest that it is not the Church's job to change the culture - "keep the main thing the main thing" some may proclaim. What is the main thing? Again, going back to Matthew 28, married with Mark 16 from your Bible, we go into all the world, preach the gospel, make converts, and we don't stop there! We then go on to teach them to observe Jesus' commandments. Ephesians 5:11 says we are to reprove the unfruitful works of darkness. Amos 5 says to let judgment run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.

There are few workers enough in the universal Church, much less if they all are not engaged in the greatest evil of our age. 83% of Americans say they are Christian, yet in a Barna Research group study, only 4 to 9% have a biblical worldview. As well, we know Jesus said strait is the gate, narrow the way that leads to life and FEW there be that find it.

Of course, what good is a biblical worldview IF YOU DON'T APPLY IT? Consider the words of William Wilberforce:

William Wilberforce quote

Why do we say abortion is the greatest evil in the world? First, it is legal, and it is the #1 cause of death of Americans, more than heart disease and more than cancer. And the Church possesses the cure to the evil - the gospel of Jesus Christ, but it needs to be proclaimed everywhere.

So, How Do You Seed?

The simple answer is through every means possible. First, we encourage you to use the AHA symbol, which is a unifying symbol of Christian human abortion abolitionists around the world. AHA stands for Abolish Human Abortion, and the orientation of the symbol is meant to signify God's higher law overturning man's wicked lower law (the one that has sanctioned human abortion in this realm, while God's law commands thou shall not murder).

While we know you need to work to provide for your family, take care of your kids and many other things, how much are 23,000 babies murdered a week worth of your time and effort to persuade? We only ask that you act like 23,000 of your neighbors are actually dying each week, that it is preventable to some extent by you, and then persuade others accordingly.

Abortion is the sin of child sacrifice, but the Church's sin about it has generally been apathy. In other words, there has been very little outward resistance to the sin of abortion by the universal church over the last 42 years. While the Crisis Pregnancy Centers have been a popular defensive strategy, we ought to be on offense with the sword of the Spirit. This offense is the preaching of righteousness or the moral suasion. When you engage, you will have entered the spiritual warfare realm, so read Ephesians 6 and do not be surprised when you face stiff resistance since you are attacking Satan's crown jewel.

In order to overturn abortion, there will be a revealing of great social tension founded in the battle between good and evil. Abolitionists do not create social tension through agitation, but we are actually only revealing social tension that is already there, that has been wallpapered over for decades with a veneer of social politeness.

Flowering and Weeding

Abolition is an organic movement founded upon obedience to Christ. It crosses certain doctrinal lines and involves Christians of all different fellowships of born again believers. It is grass roots with no founding organization, corporation or 501(c)(3). Christ is the head of the movement and our faith in Him the glue for the work. As we go, we hope to grow the movement (flowering), with other born again believers who are repenting of their apathy over the holocaust of abortion. Some will come and will then fall away though, due to the heat of the battle or the attacks of the Devil. This is the weeding.

Stage 4- Revival

We believe that once the universal Church repents of abortion apathy and declares "Not on my watch!", that God's Holy Spirit will fill His people and there will be a true revival in the land, evidenced by God's exertion of power through His followers, signs and wonders following.

Stages 5-7, Revolution, Persecution, Abolition

When we say Revolution, we do not mean violent. At no time do abolitionists advocate violence. There are many ways to have peaceful revolution, and we will be writing and lecturing much on this subject in 2015, including setting up a new website dedicated to education about this stage and teaching on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. There will even be a conference in late June 2015 in Post Falls, Idaho about this very subject.

Have you ever wondered why Christians of the New Testament were persecuted and why we generally are not? Was there something materially different about them or their culture? What happened to all of the twelve apostles ultimately? What happened to Stephen in Acts chapter 8? What has happened regularly to Chinese Christians and others around the world? Well, it is likely that as we go down the road to a revived and obedient Church that actually seeks to change the world rather than just wait for the "rapture", we may experience biblical persecution. Be prepared, but plan to count it all joy.

Ultimately, we will be relying on God to effect abolition, stage 7, as we are and remain faithful.