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Sandpoint's Abortion Clinics

Even in a small city like Sandpoint, there are a number of abortion clinics. That is because abortion is now done in the privacy of people's homes through drugs that can be purchased everywhere. Birth control pills are abortifacient, and then there is the drug known by some as the "morning after pill". The drug is levonorgestrel and is usually sold under the brand name Plan B and Plan B One Step.

These drugs are sold over the counter almost everywhere. In Sandpoint, they can be obtained at Safeway, WalMart, Sandpoint Super Drug, Super 1, Medicine Man Pharmacy. Yokes sometimes stocks it and will happily refer you to WalMart if they don't have it. Even Costco sells abortion by pill.

For more information on the levonorgestrel, please refer back to our previous article from our time in front of the WalMart in Ponderay.

WalMart actually has two brands of the drug on the shelf, so you can just go into the pharmacy/personal products area of the store, and you will see this:

At Safeway, Super Drug, Super 1, and Costco, you would go to the pharmacy counter, since they stock it behind the counter. We called the stores and recorded their responses that prove they carry and sell the drug. Click here to listen to the phone calls.

Now comes the question of how to respond to this information. First, check your spirit and make sure you are in agreement that aborting a newly conceived person is just as wicked as dismembering a 12 week old in-utero person. It is just as wicked, murdering an image bearer of God, since the human spirit is present in the live body no matter how small the body (James 2:26). At a minimum, Christians should then call on these stores to stop being abortion clinics. Christians should vote with their dollars to compel these stores to stop selling death. Letters should be written to the store managers from concerned Christians in this community. Write a letter today.

Another step would be to ask the city council to ban abortion from the city limits, criminalizing the selling of abortion pills. You may doubt that is "legal", since the Supreme Court ruled for abortion in Roe v. Wade. In 1857, in the Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court also said black men are not men. Clearly, the Supreme Court does not always rule in truth and verity. When the Supreme Court rules against the laws of God, their decree should be resisted. This is known as the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. It is biblical and obedient to Christ. Study that doctrine, because it will become very relevant as we seek the abolition of human abortion in Idaho.

You could also organize a street protest of these stores, educating the public about what goes on in these stores and what God's Word says. This is an excellent way to represent Christ, and it will give you many gospel opportunities. Here is an example of a recent protest at these stores. You could do it differently, but you should do something. Notice in this video how many people we had the opportunity to talk to, and that a couple were provoked to righteous action:

We'd like you to listen to this full 27 minute broadcast on Abolitionist Radio about this subject. It will challenge and provoke you as to the widespread nature of abortion in our culture. Listen and be provoked to righteous action.