> Articles from the Abolitionists of North Idaho > Previous Article 12/20/2015 > 5/8/2016 We have found no evidence that North Idaho pro-life, evangelical Christian churches want to end abortion.

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Another Sunday at a Pro-life church.

When we go to stand outside of pro-life evangelical Christian churches whose doctrines include a moral opposition to child sacrifice (abortion), the reason we stand in front of their buildings is because we know at the moment we are there that they really do not want to end abortion in America.

So, we go to provoke them and educate them to realize they CAN end abortion in America, and it is not just through preaching the gospel within their four walls. That is not going to do it.

The reason we say they DO NOT want to end abortion is because if they did want to end it, they would have corresponding actions toward that goal. If I wanted to end homelessness in my area, the evidence of that will (and this is book of James stuff here), my desire would be backed up by some works toward that end. My claim to want to end homelessness would be justified by my actual efforts (works) to do so.

And preaching the gospel does not necessarily clothe, feed or house a person. Jesus, James and Paul and the other apostles recognized that there are physical needs that need to be met in addition to eternal and spiritual needs. That is why when Paul finally went to Jerusalem to spend time with the other apostles (after years as an apostle himself), they verified him and then said only that they would that he would remember the poor, which he said he was already doing.

This is a reference to the physical needs of the poor, not to gospel preaching, which Paul clearly was already doing.

We live in a nation that is murdering its children. While that is clearly a spiritual problem, and our weapons in the overall war are spiritual, we need to make an effort in the physical realm as well to relieve the oppression. A CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) is not going to end abortion altogether. A President nor the Congress are currently on track to end abortion. SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is not and has never been on track to end abortion these last 43 years.

Abortion will end when the Church demands it, repents herself, and then probably through the defiance of SCOTUS by your local government at YOUR demand and backing.