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Disappointments at a Pro-life church.

A defender of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho (RLM), recently wrote on FB that RLM is "one of the most staunchly pro life churches anywhere, as evidenced by statements from the pulpit, the church's membership agreement, and statements from the various pastors." According to Bill Putman, the father of the senior pastor, approximately 3,000 members sign a membership statement that they are "pro-life", while 5,000 other people attend services alongside those 3,000. That means that on any given Sunday, there is opportunity to reach 8,000 people at RLM. It has to be one of the largest churches in the Spokane-CDA combined metropolitan statistical area.

What does it mean to be staunchly pro-life? RLM was contacted by the organizers of the August 2015 national #ProtestPP rally and did not respond. Similarly, abolitionists dropped off flyers with the staff to invite RLM members to the June 2015 Abolitionist Higher Law Conference at Candlelight Christian Fellowship, and we are unaware of anyone attending from RLM (we also ran radio advertisements on local Christian radio for two weeks preceding the conference). There are sidewalk preachers at the Planned Parenthood regularly in Spokane, and in the last 16 years, we have polled some and can remember maybe 2 members from RLM coming to plead with mothers not to kill their children. On the legislative front, we see no leadership from RLM on any bills to abolish human abortion in Idaho. If being the most staunchly pro-life church only means holding a moral opinion, then they will do well in the Gallup polls but not so well in rendering direct aid to the 1,400 babies who will be murdered in Idaho this year and the 3,000 who will be murdered 26.4 miles away at the Planned Murderhood at 123 East Indiana Ave. in Spokane, Washington, a state where 22,000 baby murders happen a year.

In a conversation with abolitionist Scott Herndon on 5/8/2016, the senior pastor Jim Putman of RLM stated that he does not believe abortion can be abolished. When the abolitionist mentioned the abolition of slavery, Jim said that "was a different era". Contrary to what Jim believes, Christians DO possess the power and the tools to end child sacrifice in Idaho. They are just not wielding their weaponry.

Amongst the attenders or members of Sunday 5/8/16 at RLM, abolitionists encountered Jeff Kovash (we did not go to RLM because we knew Jeff attended there - rather we went to RLM to exhort RLM to love their preborn neighbors and then recognized Jeff Kovash as he drove in), who has been employed for years as the security guard at the child sacrifice center called Planned Parenthood at 123 E. Indiana in Spokane, Washington. Jeff arrived at RLM for the 8 am service and stayed until about 9:30 am. Abolitionists engaged him in the part 2 video below. We regularly see Jeff at PP as he opposes our sharing of the gospel with murdering mothers. He has heard the gospel from us regularly. In the last video below, from December 2014, you can see Jeff on PP property in his uniform that is clearly labeled "Security". He is also listed as the volunteer coordinator for PP on this web site. Here is a recent photo taken by an abolitionist at PP while Jeff ensured that women can murder their children unmolested by righteous people.

Click here to go to Jeff's FB page. Jeff is a FB Friend of the staff member of RLM who is in charge of security, Jesse Hill. Here is Jesse's friends list at 5/8/16 to prove that connection. We are not saying that, in and of itself, is a problem - we all know sinners, but maybe it is the connection that gave Jeff the idea to lie about being a member of RLM security in our part 2 video below.

The reason our abolitionist approached senior pastor Jim Putman on 5/8/16 was because we called on Jeff Kovash to repent toward God and that he was guilty of the blood of innocents, and he said he was church security (you can watch that interaction in the Part 2 video below). On 5/9/16 we emailed Jim about the situation of Jeff Kovash attending RLM and his claim to be a security guard, and this was his response:

"-Please do not come on our property again and try to take pictures of people coming to church--or accuse them of something you do not know anything about. You didnt talk with them you just talked at them --You obviously said something as he said you were harassing him --I want people to come and hear the message of salvation that will eventually change them from the inside out--I don't want people to be harassed.(Especially when many are non Christians who are invited to church)."

"Secondly you have made some assumptions that are illogical.  Even if what you have said about a person who attended church is true (that he works at Planned Parenthood) it does not mean he agrees with all that they do there. Just because a person has a job as a security person for a particular women's clinic doesn't mean he agrees with everything they do --abortion -- In the same way--just like if you work at a theater you may not agree with a rated r film showing there. Again you may work at a store that sells condoms and some are using them outside of sex-- that does not mean you agree with it.  Rather than judge immediately and become aggressive shouldn't you ask more questions? Shouldn't you be concerned about the right message given the right way? We are Pro life at our church Scott and hate abortion and what it does --however we love sinners and will help them come to bring all of their lives under the Lordship of Christ if we can."

We will let our readers be the judge of Jim's response in regards to this situation with Jeff Kovash. We are by no means against Jeff hearing the gospel - we give it to him all the time, but we do wonder about allowing into a Christian fellowship a man who protects the murder of babies. We wonder about his assuming the identity as a member of the RLM staff. And we are seriously concerned about Jim's passive dismissal of both of these concerns.

But our greatest concern as abolitionists is the failure of pro-lifers over 43 years and 60 million murdered on our watch. It is time to cease holding the right moral opinion (which, by the way, many people who are pro-life actually allow for murder in certain cases like rape, incest or "threats" to the life or health of the mother). It is time for a major evangelical Christian church like RLM to repent of tolerating child sacrifice and change course and take action to ensure abortion finally ends in Idaho. Abolitionists have real ideas about how to do that. Will RLM listen?

We have made these videos to explain why we go to the streets in front of churches like Real Life Ministries, what we sometimes experience there, and to address Jim Putman's unbelief in the power of God manifest through the good works of His ambassadors on Earth. This scripture comes to mind - 2 Timothy 3:1 - "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.", and verse 5 "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:".