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The senior pastor at RLM in Post Falls, Jim Putman, stated in an email to an abolitionist on 5/9/16, the following:

"You protest and yet scripture tells us that we should not bring accusations against a brother in public as we as Christians represent the church (1 Corinthians 6:1) It sure seems like you are picking and choosing which commands you want to support and this shows a lack of wisdom"

He then followed up on 5/10/16 with "-You sure didn't share the scripture I shared with you about how to conduct ourselves around non christians in the world".

We would like now to address 1 Cor 6:1 Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?

This scripture IS NOT relevant to what we have been doing at RLM.

First, this scripture is specifically about going to the law. That would be magistrates and judges of civil government when there is some kind of legal dispute, like breach of contract, possession of another's property and the like.

We are not going to the LAW or the world as the NIV says to get the world to resolve a dispute. So, the scripture does not apply. We do not have a dispute with RLM. Rather, we are there to provoke them to love and good works, Hebrews 10:24 - in this case - to love their preborn neighbors, who are being slaughtered 1,300 a year in Idaho and 3,000 a year just 26.4 miles away from RLM at Planned Parenthood.

Interestingly, we are not even telling the unsaved world something it doesn't already know when we go provoke RLM. The world already knows that Christians (including those at RLM) don't actually love the preborn and that Christians don't actually oppose abortion. The world knows that Christians SAY they oppose abortion, but they also know Christians do not back up their moral opinion with works, which is what James 2 is all about. Christians claim with their mouths to be opposed to abortion (usually), yet their actions do not actually oppose it. Let's put it this way, are the Christians loving the preborn as themselves? If 3,000 Lifers (those who attend RLM) were schedule to be executed this year unjustly, what would the other Lifers do about it? However they answer that question is what they should do for the preborn. THAT answer is what it would look like to LOVE YOUR PREBORN NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

The question for Lifers is do they actually believe they and the preborn are equal in value in every way. If a Lifer was executed unjustly by an executioner, and the execution was protected by civil law enforcement, is that unjust execution exactly the same situation as a preborn baby being dismembered at Planned Parenthood 26.4 miles away? What would Lifers do if that situation actually occurred? And if that situation continued to occur on a daily basis.

The interesting thing about Jim Putman bringing up 1 Corinthians 6 is that, according to RLM's own FB post from a couple of weeks ago, they ACTUALLY VIOLATED 1 Cor 6. Here is a portion of their post on their own FB page April 29:

"We have asked the protestors not to do that and forbidden them from doing it (holding pictures of dismembered babies on the public right-of-way) on our property but they will not stop. We have checked with law enforcement because it appeared they were on our property."

So, by their own admission, they had a dispute with brethren over their property use (we were in the traditional public forum - not on their property) and went to the LAW to get it judged. Is that not a violation of 1 Cor 6:1?

"are any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?"

Hypocrisy much?

UPDATE: On May 15, 2016, Real Life decided they would have us trespassed from the property, ensuring that we don't come on to their property. We still invite the pastors to meet to discuss abolitionism as it relates to human abortion, but we guess this will now have to take place off the RLM campus. One idea we would have for Real Life, just as an example of putting action behind their "staunchly pro-life" moral opinion - let's say out of 3,000 Christians in the fellowship, get 1% per week, 30, divide them into three groups of ten, and send them 26.4 miles away from the RLM campus to the child sacrifice center called Planned Parenthood on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the kill days, and plead with the mothers who are entering to slay their children. If you get 120 volunteers, they need only go to PP once a month, and there will be a significant RLM presence at the killing fields every time babies are being butchered. Until you do this, there is no representation from RLM attempting to deliver those being drawn to death.

May we finally suggest to RLM and other pastors that if they want to avoid an appearance of a "dispute" in public, by our appearance on the public property outside their buildings, that they just invite us in to discuss child sacrifice with their elders and their congregation. Jesus was allowed to speak in the synagogues, even by those who disagreed with Him and even opposed Him, and the apostle Paul was similarly allowed to reason with the Jews a countering view, publicly, in their own synagogues.