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We are visiting churches every Sunday bringing the message of abolition to the street in front of the churches.

We have written to several pro-life churches and church pastors over the past couple of years, some more than once, entreating them to meet with us so that we can introduce them to the ideology of abolitionism as applied to abortion, which is child sacrifice.

We realize that even though we have been active in our community at large community events, in front of the high schools, in the news, at the farmers' market and on street corners and in front of major grocers and other retailers that sell abortifacient products, there are many Christians who have never heard about the ideology of abolitionism.

When you consider the fact that 3,000 children are being murdered every day in America by their own mothers, the equivalent death toll of a 9/11/2001 terrorist attack, DAILY, for at least the last 43 years, and when you consider that most Christians feel impotent to stop the carnage and many have grown up amidst the carnage as normal and have never even considered that it could be stopped, we would think that leaders of churches would be very interested to hear about ideas that Christians could implement to end abortion.

However, sadly, Christian leaders in every case have completely ignored our attempts to engage them. In one case we know of, rather than meet with us, a church studied things on the internet and then took their limited understanding of abolitionism and attacked the ideology in their Sunday school, inaccurately summarizing our ideology.

While we continue to pursue local church leadership and are praying that many will ultimately welcome a meeting and even ultimately embrace abolitionism, what is at stake in the ongoing atrocity of abortion is so important that we can not wait for church leadership to invite us in. While every day those 3,000 image bearers of God are being murdered, and by their murders, without justice, blood guiltiness is being overwhelmingly accumulated against our land, we urgently seek to bring the ideology of abolishing abortion to every Christian everywhere. Our key weapon against ongoing child sacrifice is the Word of God and the gospel, and the only workers equipped to take on that spiritual warfare are Christians.

The harvest is ready, but the workers are few. Imagine the impact if 15 million born again Christians around the nation demanded the immediate and total abolition of human abortion. Imagine if those same 15 million Christians were uncompromising with evil and sacrificed their own time and effort to effect the abolition of human abortion through various means of direct action, guided by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Could abortion continue in a country with that many Christians actively opposed to the grotesque practice as they sought to cast down the altars to Baal and Molech?

So we go to the streets in front of churches on a recruiting and exhortation drive. When children are murdered in our nation at a such a great number, and not only in our nation but in our own towns and cities, and the Christians know all about it and do not seek justice, are we not guilty of the sin of apathy in relation to the atrocious crimes? Is that not what proverbs 24:12 suggests? If we do not seek to deliver from death the millions being murdered every year, are we truly loving our neighbor as ourselves?

If we fail to care about the horrrendous destruction of image bearers, if we remain silent and only vote in a compromising way every four years and never even mention the ongoing atrocity in our churches, are we not failing to love God, who made these babies in His own image? When we are silent and take no action, save funding a CPC through our church, are we not in many ways guilty of the crimes?

If a mother was murdering her child on the sidewalk across the street from our church building, we saw it, the police drove by it and did nothing, and we did nothing, are we not GUILTY? Are we not in sin?

Let us not hide our light. Let us not pretend this holocaust is not happening all around us. Let us not pretend we care when we actually are too busy to take any direct action.

We had a man who attended First Baptist Church in Sandpoint tell us it wouldn't matter if 15 million Christians stood against child sacrifice, the Bible has already prophesied Armageddon and the coming judgement, and we could not stop child sacrifice with even 15 million doers of the Word. We ask: Really? What if the abolitionists of black slavery had that attitude? What if those who sought civil rights for black people thought the same thing? What about the fact that abortion was criminal in most states only 43 years ago while those same prophecies were in the same Bible.

And even if 15 million Christians could not stop the evil, shouldn't we still try? Isn't it our DUTY before God to try to end a slaughter of human beings on a scale greater than any ever? And, that slaughter happening in our own back yards, on our watch? Should we not stand in the gap even if we could not be successful? Is duty not ours, regardless, and the results God's?

But this we can guarantee, if we do nothing, no one will do anything to save our neighbors. If we do nothing, we are guilty of the innocent blood of our neighbors. If we do nothing, God is watching and will consider our blood guiltiness. If we do nothing, our neighbors will be murdered by their own mothers and fathers without even one voice crying out against their death, without one pleading, without one remonstrance, without one interposition.

Is it enough to fund and staff Crisis Pregnancy Centers when they outnumber abortion centers 2 or 3 to 1, have been around since at least 1968, exist in every town, and even while they exist, the murder rate remains at thousands every day with the leading cause of death in America remaining abortion?

Would it have been enough in the Nazi extermination of Jews to establish centers wherein some concentration camp killers could go if they were reconsidering their roles in the ongoing atrocity? What about the 99% who never come to your center? Is it enough to staff these centers and never preach righteousness, temperance and judgement specifically about child sacrifice? Is it enough to staff these centers while never educating all of the people about God's righteous standard, proclaiming it in the street and at the marketplace? Is it enough to staff these centers without ever demanding justice from our legislators, our sheriffs, our judges, and our governors?

Is it enough to staff these centers while never pleading with mothers murdering their children at the many surgical abortion facilities and even at the Wal Marts and other places that dispense chemical abortion?

Is it not Christian that at least if the killing is going to happen, it will have to happen over our continuing public opposition, remonstrance and declaration of the righteousness and judgment of God, before whose Son every knee will one day bow in confession prior to the great white throne judgment?

If our neighbors are going to leap into the lake of fire in their lust for child sacrifice, should they not do it against our loving and continual and zealous attempts to turn them away?


So, we go to the streets in front of the churches and seek followers of Christ, asking them how should we live in a nation that practices and embraces child sacrifice? We are not questioning their moral opinion on abortion (assuming they are always against abortion, in all cases, including rape and incest), but we ask how should we be Christians when our preborn neighbor's silent screams can be heard three. THOUSAND. Times. Every Day. In close proximity to our homes, churches and businesses?

We plead with you Christian brother or sister to repent with us. Repent of inaction, apathy, wrong action, selfishness, lack of love, for those being slaughtered. Join us in abolishing human abortion. Please take our pamphlets, read our web sites, watch our videos, listen to our radio programs, seek God, pray, and then join the spiritual warfare against Baal and Molech, against the devil who was a murderer from the beginning. Join us in bringing the gospel of Christ into bold conflict with the greatest evil of our age.