> Articles from the Abolitionists of North Idaho > 12/06/2014

The church has the power through Jesus Christ to abolish human abortion. It does not take a majority of the American population to do so, especially when you consider that one very minority American group without Jesus Christ has quite successfully plowed their agenda into cultural acceptance – homosexuality – in just a few decades. For some reason, the Church, possessed of great power and truth, has chosen to be silent rather than be LOUD. It has chosen backdoor, assistance methods to deal with evil, rather than front-door preaching of the Word in every venue.

Imagine if tomorrow, after some cultural propaganda efforts, it became legal for parents to put to death their 5 year olds. Would the righteous Church response be to start thousands of Crisis 5-Year-Old Centers to offer parents other choices? We would hope that instead the Church stood firmly against the wickedness in a loud and aggressive way in every venue possible.

Yet, after over 4 decades, the Church has decided that the pointy end of its spear in response to the slaughter of the pre-born is to offer choice counseling in an office hidden away somewhere in several parts of town.

Now, imagine Acts 17, where Paul is stirred in his spirit by the idolatry of the Athenians. So, he goes out and starts a Crisis Idolatry Center to offer an alternative God to be worshiped, and their false gods are one of the “choices”.

But, Paul didn’t do that. The biblical response of prophets and apostles to evil was to preach repentance and faith. They reasoned with men everywhere, in the synagogues and marketplaces. Why isn’t this the Church's primary response to modern child sacrifice?

CPCs are actually a hindrance to the abolition of human abortion, because when abolitionists convince Christians that we need to do something about the evil of abortion, they look around at their options and invest more in the primary existing option, the CPC, rather than be like the prophets and preach openly against the sin of child sacrifice. Once they briefly consider and increase their commitment to the CPC, then they return to their former state of, otherwise, inaction.

The offensive weapon against evil is the Word of God, and God has not commissioned just a few to oppose evil. Rather, he has told all of us in Matthew 28 to go into all the nations “Teaching whatsoever I have commanded”.

Don't use CPCs to combat the evil of abortion. Provide the assistance directly and go out and preach the Word against the evil of abortion.