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Another Sunday at a Pro-life church.

We went to a pro-life church today to exhort them to love their pre-born neighbors and to repent with us for not defending those being slaughtered.

The pastor came out with other men, and he was visibly upset. We used only two signs, neither photos of aborted babies. Two other men came out later and were desperately stumbling over the sign at the bottom of this article.

The pastor asked us to leave. The older church men asked us to leave. The pastor said he'd call the police.

The reason? The church service is their "gospel outreach". Someone might be coming today to hear the gospel, and this one person may have had an abortion, and when they see that we are saying that abortion is a first degree murder (and the mother who killed her child is not a "victim"), they may run away from the gospel and think Christians are judgmental.

To which we say Church is for the redeemed. We would put on sack cloth and ashes if you would understand it. Repent with us for the grave injustice in the land. For the grand slaughter that is abortion. For the pre-born, dying of the #1 cause of death in America because we will not stand, we will not speak, we will not care for them.

What about them? Where are their defenders? Where is justice? Where are the good men who would step in and put an end to their violent death?

I have been an active abolitionist for 30 months now, but these things constantly affirm for me that I could hold any of the 30 signs that we own. And whether text or a painting or a picture, there will be objection. Christians do not want to defend the innocent. They do not want to establish justice. They seemingly only want to keep intact their own kingdoms. The problem they have with us out there is not where we are or what sign we are holding, but the fact that we are there at all.

The cars going into the parking lot of the church for 1 hour and 15 minutes are like the cars going into the WalMart for 1 hour and 15 minutes. At WalMart, money and time are spent purchasing goods, and there is a store manager. At church, money and time are spent purchasing "services" (Sunday service), and their is a store manager (the pastor).

Sorry for the bleak assessment church. But, God hates that you go about the land on your own business while innocent blood cries out from the ground, and you ignore it and make excuses why it is not your calling and that there are more important things.

I heard more fatalism today - that the times will get worse and worse, and it can't be stopped. Thank God Martin Luther King Jr. didn't worry too much about that. Thank God William Lloyd Garrison didn't worry too much about that.

Church - preach the gospel on the streets and house to house. The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons are more Biblical than you are in that regard. They gain their converts two by two, door to door. In-reach is not the place for outreach. Church meetings are for the redeemed to get equipped to be light in the world.

Preaching the gospel is not the only requirement of a Christian (but most Christians don't even preach the gospel anyway). Provide for your own and seek justice for those being slaughtered down the street. If you would say it is right to intervene on behalf of a woman being beaten on the public street across from you, then it is ALSO right for the same reason to intervene on behalf of the pre-born being dismembered all around you.

Now, give a church going Christian elder at a pro-life church enough time to talk, and the next thing you hear is that "personally", he doesn't think we ought to make a woman carry the baby of a rapist even though he knows the Bible says differently.

So many problems with the church. Repent with us. Put on the sack cloth and ashes with us.