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When great evils arise in the course of human history and become legally sanctioned, socially normalized, and morally justified, the Spirit of God working within his Body and Bride will move people to stand up and speak out against them. Here are articles in which our members speak against the great evil of child sacrifice that is abortion:


Date Description
6/19/2016 The American Church - a Brotherhood of Murderers.
5/10/2016 A response to an email by Jim Putman of Real Life Ministries.
5/8/2016-2 Profane church goers, death camp security, faithless pastor - at Real Life Ministries.
5/8/2016 No pro-life, evangelical Christian churches in North Idaho want to end abortion.
12/20/2015 What Idaho Christians should do now in order to abolish human abortion this year.
12/13/2015 Should mothers who get abortions be prosecuted for first degree murder?
12/12/2015 Should Crisis Pregnancy Centers be the leading Christian response to abortion in America?
12/06/2015 Repent with us Sandpoint Assembly of God
11/29/2015 We continue exhortation of pro-life churches and report on the results.
11/23/2015 We explain our street presence in front of many pro-life churches.
9/27/2015 A letter from a Christian who repented of abortion apathy after seeing graphic image.
9/27/2015 Some Church elders have attempted to dissuade from using graphic images.
6/03/2015 The Burning Building, Trapped Children, and Heroes. Immediatism vs. Incrementalism.
3/13/2015 Sandpoint, Idaho has at least 6 abortion "clinics". Our proof, and what to do about them.
3/03/2015 A Comprehensive Biblical Analysis of Incrementalism versus Immediatism
2/25/2015 Will Churches obey Jesus, or will they obey the government?
2/15/2015 Your local Wal-Mart or any other pharmacy is an abortion "clinic".
1/31/2015 The 7 stages of abolition. The work of abolition and the vision for its success.
1/25/2015 When are the preborn "persons"? Does the bible clearly teach when human spirits inhabit the human body?
12/06/2014 Crisis Pregnancy Centers are an inadequate Christian response to a great evil, and they can actually hinder the abolition of abortion.